International Music Competition Cologne
– Singer’s competition


The International Music Competition Cologne takes place regularly every three years in autumn in the category singing. The focus is on the genres opera and operetta. This important International Music Competition is devoted to promote young professional music talents, and serves as stepping stone for young artists on their way to an international career. 

Interpretation approaches

Besides a technical virtuosity the aim of the International Music Competition is to award contestants who wish to find new interpretation approaches. Along with a high level of artistic achievement, the competition requires the young artists to present themselves in a self-confident manner, to be prepared being innovative and to act as versatile artistic personality.

The World Federation of International Music Competitions

The International Music Competition Cologne is member of the recognised World Federation of International Music Competitions.

Founded in 1975, the World Federation of International Music Competitions is dedicated to establishing a global network of internationally recognized organisations that through public competition discover the most promising young talents in the great tradition of classical music and further their careers by presenting them before distinguished juries, general audiences, the media, and the rest of the music community. The headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. The WFIMC is a member of the International Music Council (UNESCO). Over 120 of the world's leading music competitions belong to the Federation. A number of important international music organisations are associate members of the WFIMC.